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Terms & Conditions


You should read these Terms of Use quite carefully (the “Terms”) when it comes to using this website (https://ormservices.in/) (the “Website”), and any use or purchase through ORMServices (Company). You agree to these terms and to settle into a legally compliant contract with ORMServices (the “Agreement”), by accessing, or using the platform at the https://ormservices.in/ (the “Site”), or by signing up to or buying services via this Site or phone or continuing to accept services following the Review of the terms.

This Arrangement specifies the relation between you and HEM ORM Services. Moreover, you agree with this Arrangement on behalf of a company or another legal entity. You may claim that you are allowed to bind the Company to those terms, whereby the terms ‘you,’ ‘your’ or ‘customer’ may ask the entity. You may not accept this Arrangement and may not use the HEM ORM Services website or its services because you have no such permission or do not agree with the above terms.


You agree and accept that all of the information for registration that you have provided is valid and reliable. You ensure the validity and reliability of those data and that you have the age of 13 years or higher by using this Site our services. No accounting or enrollment for any service shall be allowed to children under the age of 13. If we know that you are less than 13 years old, your details and the profile can be removed at any time without notice.

User Accounts and Passwords

You may need to open an account for certain features or services offered via the Site. Your account’s confidentiality, including your login ID and password, is completely the responsibility of you. Make sure it is safe and confidential for every activity you undertake. If you find any unauthorized access to your account or password, you comply with the notification immediately. HEM ORM Services cannot be responsible for any loss or damage caused to your security obligation.

Data Security

To ensure the information is safe, we take our duty seriously, and our clients trust us. We use industry guidelines to ensure that we keep the information private, as it is held on our servers.

Our Services

HEM ORM Services offers services for online reputation management. These resources can be accessed on the different pages on https://ormservices.in/. At our discretion, we may frequently adjust our offerings’ quality to reflect improvements in the services that we provide, including representing the increased capability of our clients, changes in service demands or regulatory conditions, and any other changes to our customer service performance.

Enrollment of Free or Paid Services

You agree to our terms and conditions on each of the services you want to use when you sign up for free services or create user accounts to buy our paid services.


For the operation of this website and therefore, resources we extend our privacy policy at https://ormservices.in/privacy-policy/, and the requirements are set out in the form of those Terms of Use. You accept that the information exchanged online when using our services or website is not entirely private or secure.

The copyright and other intellectual property rules apply to all material and content on this website. HEM ORM Services owns the contents and webpages. It is for personal and non-commercial uses only. Any usage without permission of the contents violate the terms and conditions of the contract and thus violate copyright, label, and other regulations.

We do not explicitly render and expressly deny any express or implied guarantees, representations or endorsements, (including warranties of non-compliance with title, or implied warranties of merchantability or health, without limitation), about the website or to the contents, or any other intent, as may be the case.

For your personal and commercial use only, you can use or reproduce the contents. The following activity is disallowed:

  1. Without prior, a usage expressed written permission from any robot, spider, or other automated system or manual procedure to track or copy web pages or content found on the Site or other unauthorized purposes.
  2. To interfere or try to interfere with the Site’s proper functioning, using any device, program, or routine.
  3. Decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or otherwise try to obtain the program source code.
  4. Takes any action on HEM ORM Services servers that imposes an unfair or overly high load.


We respect others’ property and request that we have equivalent for our Site and services users. About our Site and our services, we have adopted and implemented a copyrights policy that enables users of our website and our services, which repeatedly infringes intellectual property rights, including property rights, to remove violations and terminate them, in appropriate circumstances.

Suppose you consider that one of our users is unlawfully infringing the copyright(s) during work by using our website and services and wish to own the allegedly infringing material removed. In that case, the information given below must be provided to our designated copyright agent in the type of written notification.

  1. Your signature, physical or electronic.
  2. Copyrighted work(s) Identification that you say clearly to have been breached.
  3. Identifying the material you claim to be on our services is not what you wish us to remove.
  4. Enough details to help us to find such content.
  5. Your email address, your telephone number.
  6. A press release that you believe sincerely that the copyright owner, his agent, or under the legislation is not entitled to use unacceptable content.
  7. A press release that you know exactly and subject to fines that you are the owner of the copyright allegedly infringing or that you are allowed to do so.

Links to Other Sites

Links to other different third party websites can also be found on this Site. The sites are available for our visitors’ convenience. We are not responsible for acknowledging these LinkedIn sites’ content and any information or materials found on such linked sites. Such Linked Sites are not under our control. When you connect with these related links, you will make your own choices and perspectives.


At your risk, you indemnify, leave harmless, and protect us, our officers, directors, employees, agents, and third-party suppliers or affiliates against any or all third-party lawsuits and actions brought against us and pay any associated liabilities, costs, and fines suffered by us or by any of our officers, directors, staff, agents, third-party suppliers or affiliates.

  1. Violate of this Agreement’s terms and conditions.
  2. Usage of our services fraudulently or maliciously.
  3. Violation of the Providers’ relevant laws or regulations.
  4. Usage of some data you have shared with us.

We will provide you with written confirmation of such a claim, suit, or action in such a case. As a reason for the protection of any claim, your help is completely needed. We reserve the right to claim, at our own expense, the exclusive protection and oversight of any matter subject to your indemnity.

Limitation Of Liability

None of us or our third-party providers will be responsible for any indirect, special, punitive, contingent, or unintentional damages, either supported by claims or legal acts, warranty, negligence, strict liability, or otherwise, breach of a civil right, penalty, or contribution. We shall not surpass the maximum obligation arising from or in any way relevant to this Arrangement:

  1. During the 12 months immediately preceding the lawsuit, the payments you received in compliance with the order which is the basis of the claim.
  2. 1 or more claims will not expand our liability.

Notices And Service Messages

We can use our website, smartphone applications, and email to provide significant updates to you. You agree that in the following ways we will send you notifications:

  • A Service banner note or an email that you have given to an account.
  • Some text you have sent to your mobile number.
  • You do not need to keep your contact details up until now.


These Terms of Use and any licenses issued below may not be passed or assigned by you, but may also, without limitation, be assigned by a company.

Amendments Or Modifications

The terms of this Arrangement can be modified, updated, or terminated at any time. All modifications, updates, or terminations shall be effective in publishing the revised terms on the Site. When this Agreement has been last amended, you can determine by pointing to the new modified legend at the top of this Agreement. You will be able to recognize the revised conditions if you continue to use the place or facilities after we have posted revised terms. No addition to this Document shall be approved until our authorized person has signed it in writing and duly.


Any feedback or data you send to us about the location or facilities shall be considered non-confidential and able to use such information without limitation.