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Online Reputation Management Services for a stunning brand image

When it comes to business growth, online reputation management services is one of those things that matters a lot. Do you know that more than 90% of the online buyers get influenced by the online reputation management services of the brand before making the final purchase? In this world where everything is going online, you cannot afford to neglect the need for the right online reputation management services. The online reputation is the first thing that any business sees and that’s why it is so important to focus on the brand image of your business on the web. If you are a business owner who is concerned about the online reputation, then let us tell you that it is no easy to build a good reputation on the internet without the assistance of a professional.

Online Reputation Management Services – HEM ORM Services

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HEM ORM Services

Hey everyone! My name is Hemendra Singh (HEM) and I am a leading digital marketer residing in India. I have an experience of more than 9 years in the field of digital marketing and have helped various businesses to get stunning reputations on the internet. I have knowledge in various fields such as SEO, ORM, SMM & etc. I have been serving in this industry for a long time and have achieved appreciation from many clients.

I am Google Adwords Certified, Google Analytics Certified, Mobile Site Certified, & SEMRush Certified marketer which means I have the knowledge of different marketing tools that help me show the best results to the clients. I have been serving Online reputation management in India, UK and the USA. Over these years of improving the reputation of different brands across the globe, I have gained enough experience to handle even the most complex and challenging case of damaged business reputation.

I focus mainly on Online Reputation Management services because I see a lot of businesses these days having a poor reputation and online presence. Businesses are least concerned about their online reputation and this is one of the main reasons that are not getting any leads. I am here to help your business have the best, flawless, and most stunning reputation. Being top on the internet is not enough. Being the best on the internet is what your business need and I am here to fulfill that demand.

Online Reputation Management Services for a stunning brand image

Managing the brand image is not easy. That’s it and that’s the truth. There are a lot of factors that affect the brand image of the business. I am here to help you have a nice and healthy brand image on the internet. Let me tell you what I do to manage the online reputation of the business.

Analyzing the brand image

There are various components that join together to build the brand image. The very first thing that I do is to analyze the brand image so that I can spot the pitfall where the brand image is taking the wrong turn. I will take various factors into consideration to see what the reason behind the spoiled brand image is.

Suppressing the negative links

If the brand image of your business is damaged, then most probably there are some web-pages that are spoiling the reputation. I will suppress those links vanishing them from the first page. The negative information that is present on the internet will no longer be visible to the online audience.

Publishing positive content

Content is always the king in the world of digital marketing which means if there is positive content on the internet about your business, you are winning the game. I will publish positive content about your business. This means that you will have more positive information about your business on the internet which will improve the online reputation of your brand.

Dealing with negative reviews

Negative word of mouth is simply the worse. It is very tough to deal with negative reviews. Especially, when they are on the business listing platform where people come to see the reputation of your business. I will take care of the negativity on the business listing. From suppressing the reviews to publishing positive reviews, I will do it all.

Suppressing the negative images

Most ORM service providers do not take Google images into consideration which means they don’t really care about the Google images. But since negative images portray a negative image of the business, I will take care of them as well.

Why does your business need an ORM service?

First of all, let you clear one thing that ORM services are not just for businesses that are having a poor online reputation. It is also for businesses who want to build their reputation. There are a lot of benefits that your business can get with ORM services and I have mentioned some of them.

One of the problems that businesses struggle with is gaining the trust of the audience. Due to a damaged reputation, this task becomes even more complicated. This is one of the reasons focusing on online reputation is so important. With a good online reputation, you would be able to win the trust of your target audience in a much easier way.

Lead generation is not a cakewalk. In fact, most businesses face trouble in generating more leads. With a good online reputation, people will find you a trusted business. Everyone wants to deal with a trusted business and that’s why ORM services are so crucial for your business.  With a good reputation, you will not just attract more internet users but will also generate more leads

I am sure if the online reputation of your business is spoiled, then you are not able to convert your leads into sales. This is something very obvious that your conversion rate will drop with a poor online reputation and that’s why getting ORM service could be the savior of your business. With a good online brand image, people would be able to take further decisions of making a purchase effortlessly.

When we talk about the presence, most people think about the ranking of the business on the search engine results page. Ranking and presence are two different things. Presence is how you are presenting your business on the internet. With good ORM services, you can present your business in the best possible way.

Online Services Company – HEM ORM Services
ORM Services – HEM ORM Services


I have been in the industry of digital marketing for a long time and have built a strong brand image of various brands. I have just one goal and that is to present your business in the best possible manner and that is what I work on. I have an amazing collection of positive reviews from my clients because I have successfully built their reputation.

So if you want to build or enhance the reputation of your business, then all you have to do is get in touch with me and I will take it further to give you the best result.

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Package Description

ORM Packages Basic Growth Boost
Negative Phrases Protected & Monitored 2 3 5
ORM Packages Basic Growth Boost
In-Depth ORM Analyses Yes Yes Yes
Keyword Analyses Yes Yes Yes
Baseline Ranking Check Yes Yes Yes
ORM Packages Basic Growth Boost
Blog Writing 2 3 5
Article Writing 1 2 3
PPT Creation Yes Yes Yes
PDF Creation Yes Yes Yes
Press Release Writing No No 1 in 3 Month
Guest BlogWriting No No 1 in 3 Month
ORM Packages Basic Growth Boost
Search Positions Protected 2 3 5
Search Positions Monitored 1 To 10 1 To 30 1 To 40
Blog Setup Yes Yes Yes
Social Bookmarking 15 20 30
Blog Postings 2 3 5
Article Postings 1 2 3
PPT Submissions Yes Yes Yes
PPT Promotions 5 7 10
PDF Submissions Yes Yes Yes
PDF Promotions 5 7 10
Company Profile Creation 5 10 15
Business Listing/Citations Yes Yes Yes
Press Release Submissions No No 1 in Respective Month
Press Release Promotions No No 5 in Respective Month
Video Promotions No No Yes
image Promotions No No Yes
Customer Reviews/Ratings 1 2 3
Microblogging Submissions Yes Yes Yes
Web 2.0 Submissions 1 2 3
Forum Posting N0 N0 Yes
Q/A Posting Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Profile Creation 2 4 6
Article & Blog Distribution/Sharing Yes Yes Yes
Positive Profile Promotions Yes Yes Yes
ORM Packages Basic Growth Boost
Facebook Account Setup (One Time Activity) Yes Yes Yes
Twitter Account Setup (One Time Activity) Yes Yes Yes
Pinterest Account Creation (One Time Setup) No No Yes
Facebook Cover Image (One Time Activity) No No Yes
Custom Twitter Background (One Time Activity) No No Yes
Facebook Wall Updates No No Yes
Twitter Updates No No Yes
Pin Images No No Yes
ORM Packages Basic Growth Boost
ORM Reports Yes Yes Yes
ORM Packages Basic Growth Boost
Email Yes Yes Yes
Telephone No No Yes
Internet Messenger (Skype, WhatsApp) Yes Yes Yes

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